Privacy Policy

CoFusion Group is committed to safeguarding your personal information. We will not ask for your personal information unless it is necessary to complete an interaction. In all our interactions we will take reasonable steps to make sure that your personal information is not compromised.

Your personal information will primarily be collected when you contact us via email, our website contact form, or when you sign up for volunteering and receive CoFusions Newsletter. Your personal information will also be collected when you donate to our organization, including methods of donation, such as credit card.

Your personal information will primarily be used for the purpose the information was provided for. We may use your personal information to email you personalized services, to rally your support in equity issues, update you on CoFusion Group’s projects and/or accomplishments, etc. You may opt out from receiving such emails at any time by choosing to unsubscribe.

Your personal information will not be shared with any third party without your explicit written consent. We will not provide your email address to anyone outside our organization, including any affiliates of our organization. The only time we may be forced to share your information is if we have to comply with the law.

We will not sell, trade, or share private information of our donors with any entity, nor would we ask for donations on behalf of other organizations. Only necessary information to process donations will be used by third-party service providers to the extent needed to process a donation. Our commitment to safeguarding your personal information is paramount in all our interactions.

As we grow and evolve we may have to modify our privacy policy to accommodate new services. Please review our privacy policy periodically, and please contact us if you have any concerns via:


CoFusion Group
328 Peralta St. #A
Oakland, CA 94607