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We at CoFusion Group believe that change happens when individuals realize their agency. The power of community resides in reimagining the possibilities while exploring avenues of resolutions that affect meaningful change.
We believe in collaboration within and with other communities. The collective power of diversity, intersectionalities, and identities provide multi-level perspectives to harness collective wisdom in seeking justice, equity, and inclusion.
We leverage our expertise, supporting communities to discover and unfold their power, and exercise their agency. We work with community members together, shoulder to shoulder, locking hands as we collectively move forward.

We stand in solidarity with….

Black Lives Matter

To seek justice, liberation, and equity. To center Black power, achievements, and joy.

Deaf People’s Language Rights

To center Deaf people and children’s signed languages rights including American Sign Language (ASL). To highlight Deaf people’s knowledge, experiences, expertise, and contributions.

Dreamers’ Rights

To pursue dreams beyond limitations. To assert a dignified living. To celebrate Dreamers' achievements.


To equal rights in protection. To equal opportunities, and access to all resources regardless of race, color, socio-economic class, or religion.

Women’s Rights

To equity in participation. To safety against discrimination and violence. To celebrate women’s achievements and contributions to society.